Workforce collaboration for healthcare

Sanarp provides an effective Internal communication system between departments and keeping track of task between hectic schedules. Real time shifts & leaves apply for the staffs saves time & energy giving more time to spend with the patients.

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Schedule Work with Shift & Leave


Move whiteboard and paper schedules into Sanarp’s web and mobile apps. Workers have immediate access to their schedules and are notified of new shifts or rescheduled jobs with live push notifications

Simple and Easy Shift scheduling

Real time shift update by the Managers and scheduled work to the employees or staffs in an automated way.

Faster and Convenient Leave System

Apply leave on the mobile by the staffs and get immediate approval from the Managers & HR in a faster & easy way. Know your leave details from the leave card.

Know your Employee Attendance

Get access of the absentees report of the staffs by the Admin from the dashboard

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Create Tasks, Report Issues, Collaborate


Work better together with secure and organized communication channels to message any employee in real time

Employee App Chat

Send 1:1; Send 1:1 or group messages without email or phone numbers

Easily share Documents

Easily share documents, links, pictures, and videos

Report and Track Task

Increase productivity by reporting incidents/task and tracking them to ensure every issue/task is attained and addressed.

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Reduce Manual & Paper-based Inspection


Digitize your paper based inspection and audits and get real time report

Move to Paperless Form

Create your own template and do an online assessment or evaluation through inspections and audits.

Real Time Data & Report generation

Get real time data update of the inspection and consolidated reports in form of pdf for easy review or sending to the Executives.

Analytics Dashboard

Measure the effectiveness of your internal communication strategy and employee engagement rates using powerful reports.

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AI Chatbot


A customized Intelligent chatbot for the customers and the employees

24/7 Support

Customer engagement and support for any queries 24/7 through our Artificial Intelligence Chatbot.

Upsell Services

Give concierge service to the patients and customers. Upsell services to earn more revenue by recommending services through the chatbot.

Push the limits of Productivity

Increase response rates, boost customer satisfaction, and reduce turnover to amplify productivity.

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Security and Compliance
We take utmost care for data security. It is one of our top priority. Regular external & internal security audits, advanced firewall protection, SSL certificate, digital ocean are some of the security measures that is part of Sanarp
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