sanarp Privacy Policy

What personal data do we process?

We only process personal data that is required for sanarp to fulfil its intended purposes as a workforce collaboration management system, which include:

Human resource management Work time scheduling

Work task scheduling and execution Work time reporting Communication

By default, it is possible to store and process the following personal data in the system: Name

Address Telephone no. Email address

IC no. / other ID no.

Next of kin’s name and contact info.

Organisational affiliation, such as home department and cost centre Employment contract

Availability Work shifts Time punches Absences Chats

Your employer is ultimately responsible for which personal data they choose to store and process in the system. Your employer may also choose to add customized personal data fields to store additional data that is required to simplify their workforce management process.

Why do we process your personal data?

sanarp processes personal data so that your employer can fulfil your employment contract by allowing your manager and/or colleagues to:

Contact you

Contact your next of kin in case of emergency Schedule your work time according to your Employment contract

Collective/union agreement Availability

Ensure that your work tasks are performed correctly and on time

Ensure that your working time is correctly reported

Pay your salary

Who do we share your personal data with?

We do not share your personal data with any parties other than your employer, and we conform to industry best practices regarding data security to ensure that your personal data is safe.

How long do we store your personal data?

Your personal data is stored as long as your employer chooses to keep it in the system. Typically, this is limited to your period of employment, however your employer may choose to keep some or all of your personal data in the system after your employment ends in order to comply with local legislation. After your personal data has been removed from the system, some or all of it may be kept in backups for a limited time in accordance with the terms of service that have been agreed upon between us and your employer.

How can I find out what personal data is stored on me?

Turn to your employer to get an exact summary of which personal data is stored on you.

How can I delete my personal data from the system?

You must turn to your employer to request a full deletion of your personal data from the system, as some or all of the data may be required to be kept for a certain period in order to comply with local legislation.

Why does the mobile app require location services?

The app uses a method called "geofencing" in order to determine if you are within the required range of your workplace for punching in and out, and also to provide a push notification reminding you to punch in or out when you reach or leave your workplace. With geofencing, an app tells the operating system to send it a signal if and when the phone is within X meters of coordinates Y and Z. It requires location data to be activated at all times. Geofencing has a few major advantages:

It uses significantly less battery power than traditional geolocation as it only uses cell tower triangulation, i.e. no additional hardware is activated in order to determine your position. Therefore, sanarp positioning does not consume any power. However, accuracy is increased if you already have Wi-Fi enabled.

It does not require the app to save or transmit any location data to the app provider. Instead of the app/phone providing location data to sanarp servers, sanarp provides the workplace's coordinates to the phone, and the phone tells the app if it's within required range for punching in and out.

We do not store any information regarding your location or movements.